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Mianhae Readers


Haii dear friends, apa kabaar?

Gue gayakin masih ada yg buka ni wp hahaa..
Hmmm 2 hari lagi fix udh 1 bulan gue gak apdet. Dan guepun belum nulis sampai saat ini.

Maaf readers, im in a very underpreaassure state. Mmm my life sooo stressful rightnow. Biasa, skripsi ngehehe..
Hwaaaah im going to explode!
So the point is, this is another apologize from me yang belum tahu kapan akan post chapter sepuluh T,,T hwaaah gue usahain april ini post tapi paling april akhir :’|
I cant even read this twice, i dont care about the structures and the typos, i just want to appologize, appologize and appologoze to all of you.

Good bye, and sense you again.